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Our Opening Event

Semmy Schilt, the 4x heavyweight K-1 world champion, MMA fighter and 6-dan Karate blackbelt is coming to the UK to host our first Full Contact Fighting Seminar on the 15th of October (venue to be announced). This fighting seminar will be the opening event of the GFCMAO - the Global Full Contact Martial Arts Organisation.


Attend and see Semmy share the knowledge he gained during his fighting carreer and learn what he has to say about the world of competitive fighting and mixed martial arts.

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Fighting Career

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    Ashihara Karate

    He began practicing Kyokushin at the age of 8 then later switched to Ashihara at the age of 12 and earned the black belt when he was 18. Today he is a 6 dan black belt.

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    Kūdō / Daidō-Juku

    When fighting in the Kūdō or Daidō-Juku style of Karate, fighters wear helmets and can fight on the floor as well. Semmy has a black belt in Kūdō and has won tournaments in Japan.

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    Kickboxing / K-1

    Semmy is a 6-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion and has an 11 year long active kickboxing career with a track record spanning 50 fights.

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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Sammy Schilt debuted in MMA in 1996 and within 3 years he became the Openweight King of Pancrase, a title he defended two times before signing up with UFC.

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Reserve Your spot at our opening event to see the seminar of Semmy Schilt aka. Hightower, a 4-time K-1 world champion, 6-dan Karate blackbelt and former Pancrase, UFC & Pride MMA fighter to hear what he has to say about the world of fighting and mixed martial arts.


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